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Here you can resolve any doubts that you may have.

  • How to create your font?

  • Will anything happen if I go out if the guidelines when I write the letters?

  • Can you modify the font once it’s finished?

  • Once the font is downloaded, can I make changes?

    Yes, no problem. Once it’s bought you can edit it and download it again on to your computer.

  • How long will my font be available in the system?

    If you’ve bought the font you will have it in our system for at least as year from the purchase date. If you don’t buy the font it will stay in our system for 8 weeks.

  • What happens when the period of my font expires?

    Whether you’ve bought it or not, we will send you an email to let you know before it’s eliminated from our system.

  • Can I use my font for commercial purposes?

    Of course, once you’ve bought it the font is yours to do what you like with.

  • Can I use the font on tablets or phones?

    The font can only be installed on a computer but you can use it on devices like tablets or phones as long as you use applications that allow it like Keynote, Pages, Numbers…

  • Are there characters that can’t be edited and why?

    In this first version of Kidpofy we’ve decided to simplify the creation of the font, so we’ve filled in by default special characters like (?,*, -, etc…) to make the experiences easier for children. In future versions of Kidpofy you will be able to make your own dictionary and choose the chapters and symbols that you want to write.

  • Can I use the font on Google Docs?

    Unfortunately it’s not possible, Google Docs only allows the use of its own fonts.

  • Can I use the font in programs like Photoshop and other programs for editing?

    Yes, you only need to install the font on your computer. Here we’ll show you how to do it.

  • Can I use the font on Word?

    Yes, you only need to install the font on your computer. Here we’ll show you how to do it.

  • What happens if we don’t finish the font on the same day?

    Nothing, the next day you can continue from where you left off. All the progress that you make will be saved in our system. Remember that if you haven’t bought it and you’re in trial mode, the font will only be kept for 8 weeks until it is deleted forever.

  • Is it important to write all the characters?

    Yes, it’s preferable that the font is as close as possible to the handwriting of the child.

  • Can I create a website using the font of my child?

    Of course, Kidpofy also generates web fonts for you to use the font on the web.

  • I haven’t received my order yet, what happened?

    The timescale of the production of gifts from the physical shop takes time. If you seen that the time that we told you has passed and you haven’t received your product, contact us here .

  • Can I return the product to an actual shop?

    Kidpofy works with an external provider that only accepts returns in the case of damage during mailing.

  • I have bought a physical product and there’s a spelling mistake in the message, can I return it?

    No, that’s why it’s important to before making any orders, you ensure that everything is correct.

  • I’ve created a card, where can I send it?

    Our cards can be sent by email and WhatsApp. Here we’ll show you how to do it.

  • I’m not sure how to make a card. I need help.

    Of course, we’re here to help you. We’ve created a video tutorial to make the experience easy. If you want to make it from a phone or tablet, watch this tutorial, in the case that you’re doing it from a computer, do it here.

  • I’ve seen that the cards already have text, can I change it?

    Of course, these texts are 100% editable. We’ve put them in to give you an idea how to get started. From here, you have infinite possibilities to write what you want.

  • Can I print my created cards?

    Of course, when you have created a card you have the option to download it in order to print it.

  • I don’t understand where to write the letters. I need help.

    Of course, we’re here to help you. We’ve created a video tutorial so that it’s easy. To see it click here.

  • Can I create another font from my phone or tablet?

    Yes, Kidpofy can be used fro any tablet, phone or computer. You only need a browser and internet access.

  • Is Kidpofy compatible with IOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu etc…?

    Yes, it doesn’t matter which device or operating system. You just need a browser and access to the internet.

  • I’m going to do a special event and I’d like to buy a large quantity of customized products. Is there a limit?

    There’s no problem, when you choose a product you select the quantity that you need. In the event that it’s not in stock we’ll advise you.

  • I have ordered various products from the store and only one has arrived. Has something happened?

    Our provider sends out products as they leave the chain of production. Sometimes various products may leave separately. In the case that a product has not arrived within the expected delivery time, contact us here .

  • My telephone fell on the floor and the screen has broken. It was in your cover. Will you refund me the money?

    Unfortunately that’s not possible. These covers are like the majority of decorative covers on the market. Our external provider is not responsible for accidents that can happen.

  • How do I wash the products that I buy in the store?

    Each product has its own washing instructions. You can see them on their specifications.

  • I want to send someone a t-shirt but I’m not sure what size to choose.

    We have three types of t-shirts. For babies, children to teenagers, and adults. On each t-shirt there is a link to the sizes with the width and length in centimeters so that it’s easy to choose.

  • Will you release more products in the future?

    Our idea is to add new products in the second phase. We will keep you informed.

  • We are an educational center and we’d like to be able to buy the font for various classes of students, is there a special discount?

    Yes, we have a special discount for educational centers. Contact us here and we’ll send you a code for your centre.

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